Cutera XEO IPL Guide

2018 Cutera XEO IPL Laser with 3 Handpieces

Fabric Separation, All Pare Types (I-IV) and Benign Pigmented Lesions

– Mfr: Cutera
– Posture: XEO
– S/N: XP16942
– Mfr Stamp: 08-16-2018

3 Handpieces:

Cutera Xeo IPL guide , The truPulse Nd:YAG provides up to 15 communicating applications and is reserve for all pare types. The scheme is optimized for utile filum removal, treating tube lesions on the approach and lour extremities, and includes the highly hot, no-downtime laser book process for strip revitalization.

The ProWave LX complex healthy with light and finer fabric removal, having advisable targeting capabilities. It provides a fleet, comfortable fabric separation communicating that can be used on both tiny and gigantic areas.

The LimeLight can be bespoke for distinct wound tones and old conditions, resulting in extraordinary cutis revitalization discourse with least hurt. It can also be utilized for treating sun symptom, kindly pigmented lesions, and vascular concerns.

Enabled for:
FV = Facial Veins
HR = Pilus Removal
LG = Laser Book (Sin Rejuvenation)
LV = Leg Veins


System (w/Mast)


1064 Nd:YAG Mitt Conjoin
– Dice Size 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm
– Want Heartbeat: 7245
– Direct Beat: 313613 [All Modalities Activated]

– Prowave LX
– Wavelength: 1100-1800 nm
– A) 511
– B) 2144
– C) 0
– LP) 0

– Limelight
– Wavelength: 520-1100 nm
– A) 96
– B) 609
– C) 0
– LP) 0

– Foot Switching
– Power Video
– Key

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